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FSBO: Selling your home on your own without a Realtor

It’s only natural, you are going to sell your proeprty and you wonder about selling  your home  on your own, without a Realtor. You think, “It’ll be easy and besides I  can save a lot  of money and it can’t be that hard.” It’s a  reasonable assumption  and the truth is there is no one size […]

Home Buyers Beware of Mortgage Pitfalls

Home Buyers beware of mortgage pitfalls. Many home buyers are finding it more challenging to qualify for a mortgage these days, as mortgage lenders have tightened their lending guidelines and underwriters are often triple reviewing loan files and checking the buyers credit frequently right up to the last minute and on occasion even right after the […]

A Checklist for First Time Home Buyers

NC Homes by LarryT works with a lot of first time home buyers and I just came across an excellent Checklist for First Time Home Buyers in US News and World Report. What I liked most about this particular list was that it was presented in a logical sequential manner, and gave concise actionable information […]